Schumacher on big dream: 'Anybody would like that'

27-01-2022 15:46
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Schumacher on big dream: 'Anybody would like that'

Mick Schumacher has had a reasonable first season at Haas. Although he did not manage to score any points for his team, he immediately held his own in the world of Formula 1. However, the driver is demanding more from himself next season.

It took some getting used to for loyal Formula 1 viewers when Schumacher's name was back on the screen. As the son of a seven-time world champion, he immediately had a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but he didn't let himself get crazy. At the same time, Schumacher still knows very well what he wants to achieve in the coming years: driving for Ferrari.

"I think in general it’s a dream for everybody to race for Ferrari. I think anybody would like to race there," Schumacher stressed in conversation with "But obviously my thoughts are very much on the here and now and trying to do my best job in the position that I am in with Haas. For sure hopefully with a better car we’ll be able to take the maximum out of it."

Schumacher hopes for improvements

For Schumacher, it is to be hoped that Haas will come out with a better car in 2022 than last calendar year. The American race stable set all its sights on the new year in 2021, so expectations are high.

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