Perez at Red Bull to win: 'I can become a world champion'

27-01-2022 14:25 | Updated: 27-01-2022 22:21
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Perez at Red Bull to win: 'I can become a world champion'

Anyone who thinks that Sergio Perez is wholey content with his place in Max Verstappen's shadow at Red Bull Racing is wrong. The Mexican is at Red Bull to win races and to become world champion.

It is very difficult to go up against Verstappen. Perez already has eleven years of experience in Formula 1, but even though it was his debut season, the score between the Mexican and his younger teammate was not too good. He won his only race in Baku, Verstappen then dropped out due to a sudden puncture. Furthermore, Perez grabbed five podiums against the eighteen of the world champion. Finally, he only managed to outpace Verstappen once in qualifying, in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Perez thinks he can become champion

Perez did play a key role in Verstappen's world title win in Abu Dhabi through his rock-solid defensive performance against Lewis Hamilton. Speaking to the Japanese Perez says he is not driving at Red Bull to be Verstappen's lackey: "I am at Red Bull because I fully believe that I can be a world champion." Perez stresses that it is very difficult for drivers who drive at a team that is at the top of its field to continue to perform well because of the responsibilities they have towards the large organization. The Mexican has experienced both big and small teams and believes he can benefit greatly from this.

To beat Verstappen, the second man at Red Bull still needs to pull a very big rabbit out of the hat in 2022. What he has shown so far is not nearly enough. Perez thinks the novelties and question marks that remain could work in his favor in 2022. He says he has overcome many challenges in 11 years and is therefore very 'all round': "So I'm not thinking of stopping pushing. I don't have to work as hard for it as I did before, because I have the experience and know how to deal with it."

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