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Marko sees one similarity between Schumacher, Senna and Verstappen

Marko sees one similarity between Schumacher, Senna and Verstappen

27 January - 11:37


Helmut Marko cites two main reasons why Red Bull Racing had a particularly strong year in 2021. Max Verstappen won the title, and the Austrian racing team almost managed to break Mercedes' winning streak in the constructors' championship.

'Developing further and Max Verstappen'

The first reason is the team itself, which has developed well in recent years, and the other reason is the particularly strong driver Max Verstappen. Autorevue, in conversation with Dr. Marko, calls the title fight between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in 2021 one of the most incredible battles in Formula 1 of all time. They ask the team advisor what made the difference for Red Bull in 2021.

Marko starts with the performance of the Red Bull cars, which has already continued to evolve in 2020. Marko: "At the end of the year we had the fastest car." Honda contributed to a faster car in 2021, but it was mainly Verstappen who made the difference: "And Verstappen has driven almost flawlessly. He has improved in all areas and is no longer so impetuous. He used to feel the need to get everything done on the first lap."

One similarity between Schumacher, Senna and Verstappen

Marko has seen F1 legends like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher up close during his racing career. Now that Verstappen is also going to be among the sport's greats, the German magazine wonders what the similarities are between the drivers. Marko thinks it is impossible to compare, as they are about different periods in the sport, but still notes an important similarity.

"What they all do have is a complete focus - you could perhaps also call it ruthlessness." What makes these drivers different from the rest according to Marko is that they all have one goal and are really willing to do anything for it. "They grow above the normal and beyond the existing possibilities. That qualifying lap of Max in Jeddah comes to mind, even though he didn't succeed at the time."

"Hamilton must have known at that moment that in the race he could not keep the smallest possible gap open against Verstappen," Marko concludes. Verstappen helped Red Bull to a large extent in the constructors' championship, and seems to have helped himself for the biggest part in the individual championship. Finally, Marko wants to emphasize that Verstappen is only just 24 years old and already has his biggest learning curve behind him. The Dutchman took his first title at a young age and can only become even more sophisticated in racing from here.

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