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Raikkonen understands nothing of own popularity in Formula 1

Raikkonen understands nothing of own popularity in Formula 1

26 January - 19:12 Last update: 21:50


Kimi Raikkonen says goodbye to the sport after twenty seasons. The 42-year-old Finn will be sorely missed by fans but says himself that he understands little of that.

Never expected so many fans

Raikkonen had a colorful Formula One career culminating in the world title with Ferrari in 2007. The Iceman is still the last driver to win the drivers' title with the Scuderia. In his last seasons in Formula 1 he drove at the team where it all started for him, Alfa Romeo (then Sauber).

Raikkonen has not announced any plans for the future when it comes to racing and says he wants to spend his time with his family. Many fans will be bummed about this, as the Finn was one of the most popular drivers on the grid. Raikkonen himself says in conversation with Motorsport.com that he does not understand why so many people are fans of him.

Raikkonen changes for no one

During the press moments, Raikkonen's interviews were often entertaining, despite the fact that the Finn spoke very little. He regularly came into view with a large pair of sunglasses on his nose, whether the sun was shining or not. Almost every question a reporter could ask was met with a short answer beginning with the now familiar 'bwoah.' Raikkonen himself says it is normal for him, but he thinks others may not find it normal.

Raikkonen says he is glad that he has always remained himself because he knows that the media can try to control you. If he had given in to the media in the beginning, we might have known a very different Kimi Raikkonen.

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