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Schumacher appreciates advice Hamilton: 'Has always been very open to that'

Schumacher appreciates advice Hamilton: 'Has always been very open to that'

26 January - 15:50 Last update: 17:36


It is well known to everyone that Mick Schumacher has a good relationship with Sebastian Vettel. Father Michael Schumacher filled the role of mentor and good friend with Vettel for many years, a role that the four-time world champion now fills himself with son Mick.

In an interview with Crash.net Schumacher talks about his relationship with Vettel. The German enjoys getting support from the 34-year-old but appreciates the friendship even more. Yet the Aston Martin driver is certainly not the only one to give Schumacher advice.

Lewis Hamilton also helped the German in his first season in the sport, but also in the years before that. His father drove for the Mercedes team for several years before Hamilton took over his seat in 2013.

Most conversations friendly

"He’s always been very open to giving advice to help me in the position I was in. Also, already back in the day, when my dad wasn’t with Mercedes anymore, I did get the chance to come to a few races and see him there", Schumacher tells the site.

The 22-year-old reveals that it was nice to talk to Hamilton about certain things when he had time to do so. "Those conversations are obviously private. Some of it is related to racing but most of it is just on a friendly basis", the Haas driver says.

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