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The bar is high: '2022 may not even be more spectular than 2021'

The bar is high: '2022 may not even be more spectular than 2021'

25 January - 11:26 Last update: 16:44


This coming season it is finally time for the new regulations that will hopefully make it easier for two cars to follow each other. Nicholas Tombazis, the FIA's chief of 'single-seater technical matters', expects that we will not see the same drivers driving at the front this year.

The Formula One teams have been working on their new cars for 2022 for months, as the new regulations bring many changes. The teams will have to deal with a budget cap, a new generation of cars and aerodynamic test restrictions. All of these new elements are designed to reduce the gap between drivers.

Tombazis agrees that we already had a good show in 2021, as Mercedes and Red Bull Racing were close in terms of performance. As a result, the bar has been set very high. Still, the Greek expects that further on in the season the regulations will really cause changes and the competition will be tighter. "It's hard to expect 2022 to be more spectacular than 2021, because it's a very high standard. But if there is any similarity, there will be more cars at the front and that would be positive," he told AS.com.

Other championships have more variety

So the former engineer hopes above all that there will be more different drivers starting from pole position, standing on the podium and taking victories. Tombazis compares it to other championships where there are more than ten different winners within one season, like IndyCar. Some variety is good for the sport, but less good news for the Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fans.

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