Former Alpine team boss predicts trouble: 'Those benefits are huge'

24-01-2022 10:17 | Updated: 24-01-2022 11:02
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Former Alpine team boss predicts trouble: 'Those benefits are huge'

According to former Alpine team boss Marcin Budkowski, the budget ceiling is far from perfect. Indeed, the Pole says teams can benefit from partnerships with other teams.

Collaborations between teams

In Formula 1, almost all teams have good contacts with other teams. AlphaTauri, for example, is a true sister team of Red Bull Racing, Mercedes has very strong links with Aston Martin, Williams and McLaren, and Ferrari regularly manages to put one of their juniors in a seat at Haas F1 or Alfa Romeo. The only team without these kinds of partnerships is Alpine, and according to former Alpine team boss Budkowski, that could be a problem.

Partnerships extra important in 2022

In 2022, Formula 1 will come with brand new cars and the budget cap has been lowered to a spending limit of $140 million. With a close partnership between two teams, there can be an advantage, according to Budkowski. "The benefits that can be gained from partnerships are enormous," he says according to

"If there is a year when these kinds of partnerships can pay off, it's 2022," he continues. By this, he seems to be referring to the fact that if a team like Red Bull wants to try something out, they can go to AlphaTauri first and have them test it out without Red Bull having to spend a single penny on it.

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