Audi deal McLaren not a must: team can also win with Mercedes

23-01-2022 13:47 | Updated: 23-01-2022 14:56
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Audi deal McLaren not a must: team can also win with Mercedes

Formula 1 would not be Formula 1 if there were not a constant stream of rumours. One of the most persistent rumors - or is it already more than that? - is the entrance of Porsche and Audi into the premier class of motor racing. Possibly this month, more will become clear about this.

High ambitions

McLaren boss Zak Brown previously admitted to talking to Audi about possibly working together. Yet it is not the case that McLaren necessarily has to make a switch to be the absolute top team of yesteryear, Brown believes. Also with the current Mercedes engines McLaren can live up to its high ambitions.

In conversation with Motorsports Total Brown is convinced that the team can win races with a Mercedes engine. The American realises that there is a perception among many that winning is difficult when you are not the factory team. But Brown is convinced that the power source at his team's disposal is the same as the one used by Mercedes itself.

Minor disadvantage

Yet, according to Brown, there are also disadvantages to not being a customer team. The overall concept of the engine will not be tailored to the McLaren chassis. But that can be worked around, he believes. The power source is the power source, nothing changes according to Brown.

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