Red Bull and Mercedes get it tough: 'Difficult than ever'

23-01-2022 10:16 | Updated: 23-01-2022 13:55
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Red Bull and Mercedes get it tough: 'Difficult than ever'

Mercedes and Red Bull Racing were the strongest teams in the field in 2021. However, that by no means, means it will be exactly the same this year, Edd Straw stresses. The journalist from The Race expects other teams to smell their chance because of the new regulations.

While Ferrari and McLaren, among others, did their best to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull last year, this proved to be an impossible task. Almost the entire season, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton alternated winning Grands Prix. In addition, the drivers were overtaking other drivers as if they were not competing.

Mercedes and Red Bull face big challenge

Despite the new regulations, many people expect the two teams to fight for the world title in 2022 as well, but Straw is far from certain. While Mercedes and Red Bull were still battling it out last calendar year, other teams had the opportunity to look calmly at next season. That could just make the difference, he lets us know.

"The conditions are more difficult than ever before for Mercedes and Red Bull," Straw wrote, after which he lists a series of components for the teams to consider. "New regulations, the cost cap and aerodynamic testing restrictions means the challenge is very different from what it once was."

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