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Pirelli investigates: 'We have asked the teams that'

Pirelli investigates: 'We have asked the teams that'

22 January - 09:23 Last update: 22 January - 09:23


The Formula 1 teams are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the new season. However, this is not easy, as Mario Isola emphasizes in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. For there are a lot of factors that are not yet clear.

The sporting director of the Italian tire supplier says in the interview that it is still difficult to estimate how tire wear will be in 2022. This is because the cars of the teams will have a different weight, so it is not possible for Pirelli to know already how the drivers will handle the tires. Still, Pirelli is asking the teams to try things out.

"We have asked the teams to put in extra weight to get to the level of 2022," Isola reveals. "But the biggest difference from before is the new aerodynamics package. The downforce will be produced very differently in the future. That will then have a big impact on the wear and tear."

Isola positive about new cars

Despite the big challenge, Isola is very positive about the cars that will take to the tracks this calendar year. According to the sporting director, the cars are not going to be much slower than last year's. Isola talks about a difference of at most one second per lap.

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