Alpine team boss: 'Drivers would also run forty races a year'

20-01-2022 13:05 | Updated: 20-01-2022 14:29
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Alpine team boss: 'Drivers would also run forty races a year'

This coming season is the longest Formula One season in Formula One history, but according to Alpine team boss Laurent Rossi, drivers would not complain if the calendar had been even longer.

In 2022, the Formula One calendar will consist of 23 races held in eight months. According to Rossi it is certainly a lot, but according to him it is mainly the mechanics who suffer from a large calendar. Drivers would love it, since they often drive in their spare time as well, he told If you give drivers the chance to do 40 races a year, they would also 'go 40 times a year'. 

Nevertheless, the Frenchman agrees that a calendar should be feasible for everyone. 23 races is therefore currently the maximum achievable for all teams, especially if doubleheaders and triple headers do not disappear.

Supporter of new circuits 

If Formula 1 indeed wants to use an even bigger calendar in the future they will have to add more new circuits. According to Rossi that is not a problem at all, because the new circuits make sure that the bar is raised a bit. According to him, the old tracks are very shabby compared to the new ones, so he is a big fan of more unknown and new circuits.

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