Classic dark red Ferrari may make comeback in 2022

19-01-2022 19:47 | Updated: 20-01-2022 10:03
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Classic dark red Ferrari may make comeback in 2022

Ferrari may opt for a different colour scheme than we are used to for the new design of the Formula 1 cars. The Italian racing team is not expected to show it yet during the presentation of the new car for 2022. Instead, the new colours would only be shown during the first race weekend in Bahrain.

Reportedly, the team from Maranello will opt for an "old style" livery, similar to the colors Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc drove during the team's thousandth race at the Tuscany Grand Prix at Mugello.

Ferrari may opt for old-fashioned livery

That colour scheme was very well liked by Formula 1 viewers worldwide. The classic dark red received a lot of praise. According to the Italian branch of we can count on a similar color scheme for the 2022 season, which marks Ferrari's 75th anniversary.

Ferrari would present the new car in the same livery as that of the SF21, but would opt for a darker shade of red like that of the SF1000 for the new season. It remains to be seen what the car will look like. Ferrari will present the 2022 car on February 17, but we may therefore have to wait until the weekend of March 20 for the final look of the car.

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