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Pirelli: 'Formula 1 teams did not want to return to free tyre choice'

Pirelli: 'Formula 1 teams did not want to return to free tyre choice'

19 January - 18:12 Last update: 19 January - 18:12


Formula One teams have decided to continue with the fixed allocation of tyre compounds for the 2022 season. Mario Isola reported this during a Pirelli press meeting.

Since 2016, Formula One teams could choose how many sets of tyres they wanted to take from Pirelli's nominated range before each race, but that rule was scrapped in 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teams didn't want to go back to free tyre choice

For the past two seasons, Pirelli has provided each team with the exact same tire selection. Mario Isola, boss of the Italian tyre manufacturer, reveals that the teams do not want to go back to free tire selection.

"We had to find a solution during the pandemic to be able to react faster," says the Italian according to Crash.net. According to Isola, the emergency measure pleased the teams, as they themselves came up with the request to keep the current system. "So in the end it was not our decision to continue with this fixed allocation," concludes the Pirelli boss.

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