"No decision should break the rules for the sake of the show"

19-01-2022 11:55 | Updated: 19-01-2022 14:48
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No decision should break the rules for the sake of the show

Toto Wolff is still not over the loss of the 2021 drivers' title. The Austrian Mercedes team boss is hoping for changes in the clarity of the rules.

Loss still hurts Wolff and Hamilton

In 2021 Max Verstappen managed to snatch the world title from Lewis Hamilton on the very last lap of the season. The Dutchman got this chance because race director Michael Masi gave a number of cars that were lapped the chance to 'unlap' themselves. This allowed Verstappen to attack Hamilton with one lap to go.

It is clear that both Hamilton and his team boss Wolff are not yet over this loss. The Austrian tells in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport that the whole team is disillusioned. "The stopwatch never lies, but when we break the fundamental principle of fairness and the stopwatch is no longer relevant, then you doubt this sport," says Wolff.

Rules need to be clear before new season starts

Wolff admits that he may never get over the loss and understands when Hamilton doesn't either. However, he does hope to make improvements in the future in cooperation with the FIA.

Wolff says that 'freestyling' with the rules should no longer be possible in Formula 1. He argues that the rules should be clear before the start of the new season. "In the end we provide entertainment, but no decision should break the rules for the sake of show," Wolff concludes.

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