Hamilton beats his former F1 rivals to special prize

18-01-2022 13:26 | Updated: 18-01-2022 16:48
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Hamilton beats his former F1 rivals to special prize

Lewis Hamilton is the proud owner of his own team in Extreme E. The Briton lost the title fight against the team of old friend and rival Nico Rosberg last season, but his team did drag in another prize.

In fact, the team has won the first Extreme E Sustainability Award. The series is all-electric and runs on off-road terrain. The first season took place in 2021 with five rounds in different terrains around the world.

The goal of the series is to increase environmental awareness and fans are involved as much as possible. Therefore, the 'Count Us In Challenge' was launched, where there are sixteen steps that can be performed in exchange for points, think of setting the heating one degree lower and buying an electric car.

Yet a small victory

Hamilton's X44 team earned the most points, saving a total of 1,241,223 kg of carbon dioxide, according to the website. The teams of Jenson Button and Rosberg complete the top three. The Briton himself has not commented on the news, but other team members said that they are proud of the achievement. The seven-time world champion is actively fighting climate change and trying to live more environmentally consciously.

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