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Grosjean understanding: 'It was a bad decision for Hamilton'

Grosjean understanding: 'It was a bad decision for Hamilton'

17 January - 18:24 Last update: 21:03


The teams are already quite prepared for the new season, but Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton undoubtedly still need to recover from last year. The Dutchman took the world title at the last minute, a decision that still causes anger with Hamilton. According to Romain Grosjean, however, the race committee did the right thing in Abu Dhabi.

The Frenchman was part of Formula 1 for many years and therefore knows better than anyone what interests are present in motor racing. In December, as a race fan, he watched the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, where he felt no unjust decisions were made. He tells this in an interview with Speekweek.com.

"It was a bad decision for Hamilton, but for the fans in front of the television, spectators and sport, Michael Masi did the right thing," he analyzes. "I would have found it unattractive to finish this world championship behind the safety car. And it would also have been strange to leave those four cars between Hamilton and Verstappen and thus clear the race."

Hamilton reportedly unsure about future

For the time being, Hamilton is not letting himself be heard from. Reportedly, the Briton is still balking at the situation and is considering quitting Formula 1. The decision has to be made soon, however, because in two months he will have to appear at the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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