'Verstappens great strength is that he doesn't care about anything'

17-01-2022 12:42 | Updated: 17-01-2022 12:52
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'Verstappens great strength is that he doesn't care about anything'

After being Max Verstappen 's teammate for a year and a half, Alexander Albon had to settle for a spot on the sidelines in 2021. As Red Bull Racing 's test and reserve driver, he was able to watch the brand new world champion up close though, and that surprised the Thai driver.

Verstappen doesn't care about anything

Albon was particularly surprised by Verstappen's ability to not care about anything. Albon, who will be working for Williams next season, told Motorsport-Total.com Verstappen just drives and does not think about possible consequences. The 25-year-old driver was inspired by Verstappen's incredible mental strength.

Verstappen doesn't let the media pressure him either, as after his crash with Lewis Hamilton at Monza last season. Albon admires that, especially during this season when we had one of the most intense title fights ever. Especially because it's not easy to be in the spotlight as much as Verstappen was last season.

Red Bull was extremely lucky in Abu Dhabi

Albon also looks back on the thrilling denouement of the title fight in Abu Dhabi. According to the Williams driver, Red Bull was incredibly lucky with that last lap, but it should not be forgotten that Verstappen also had a lot of bad luck earlier in the season. Albon also believes that the race control often disadvantaged Verstappen with decisions. According to Albon, the outcome in Abu Dhabi is therefore karma and Verstappen and Red Bull deserved the title.

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