Does Verstappen's driving style suit the new generation of Formula 1 cars?

16-01-2022 12:36 | Updated: 16-01-2022 19:07
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Does Verstappen's driving style suit the new generation of Formula 1 cars?

Max Verstappen is a unique driver, with amazing vehicle control. This quality was one of the reasons why he managed to squeeze that little bit extra out of his Red Bull last season. But will he be able to do the same next year, when the Formula 1 cars get a totally different concept?

Thinking back

No doubt Sebastian Vettel will have thought back to the introduction of the hybrid era, which ended his period of dominance. Before the introduction of the hybrid engines, his driving style perfectly matched the type of cars that were on the grid at the time. Vettel knew how to make perfect use of the blown diffuser like no other. After the eight-cylinder engines disappeared, Vettel had a much harder time.

The 2021 cars were a perfect fit for Verstappen's aggressive driving style. AutoBild wonders if the same will be true next year, when the cars are heavier and therefore have less traction. Thanks to new aerodynamic rules, the cars have to be able to drive closer to each other, and so that costs downforce and traction.

A different driving style is necessary anyway. "Also with 18-inch rims the tires will look completely different. Also the reaction of the tires is different, I have to adapt my driving style to that," responds Verstappen, who already tested in the simulator. "It feels a bit sharper, how the tires react and the general traction you bring out of the corners."

It is therefore important to adapt quickly to the new generation of cars. That doesn't worry the Dutchman, however. "Everyone always asks, 'What is your driving style?' Well, I don't think I have one. You just adapt to the situation. That's your driving style, because if the car understeers, you have to adapt to the understeering. And if the car is oversteering, you have to be prepared for it. So I think adaptation is ultimately the key."

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