'I'd be surprised if the top teams aren't back in front in 2022'

16-01-2022 10:42 | Updated: 16-01-2022 18:56
by GPblog.com
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'I'd be surprised if the top teams aren't back in front in 2022'

This year marks the beginning of a new era in Formula 1. The new regulations will hopefully make for a better show and more duels, but Nico Hulkenberg does not expect very big changes in the field.

The cars will change in many ways from 2021. They look different, there are 18-inch rims and it should be easier to follow other drivers. Even though that is the case, the biggest changes will be implemented under the hood.

Who will be dominant? 

The big question now is whether Red Bull Racing and Mercedes will still be the dominant teams next year. According to Hulkenberg, nothing is certain yet, because the drivers can make a big difference, and quick adjustments make for great developments. Nevertheless, the German driver does not expect major changes on the grid.

"Over the course of the season, the balance of power will definitely shift, as there will be a huge learning curve for all drivers and teams, and the teams will constantly push their developments. It's too early to make a prediction at this point, but I would be very surprised if the top teams of recent years were not back at the front," he said in his blog post on LinkedIn.

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