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Schumacher critical of Hamilton: 'Not fair to Verstappen'

Schumacher critical of Hamilton: 'Not fair to Verstappen'

15-01-2022 16:00 Last update: 19:37


Lewis Hamilton seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. According to Ralf Schumacher, the behavior of the seven-time World Champion is disrespectful to Max Verstappen.

After the eventful finale in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton was praised for his statements. The Brit showed humility during the interviews immediately after the Grand Prix. Since then however, the driver of Mercedes has not said a word. He was even absent at the FIA gala where Verstappen received the trophy, something which is actually mandatory for drivers who finish in the top three.

Ralf Schumacher thinks the latter is not acceptable. "It's not at all fair to Max Verstappen to skip the gala," he said on Sky Sports Deutschland.

Time for a new chapter in F1

Schumacher understands that Hamilton feels betrayed, but says that now is the time to put the issue behind him and 'open the next chapter'. The German has the same criticism for team boss Toto Wolff.

The experienced driver joked that someone needs to give the two a taste of their own medicine in the upcoming F1 season. Schumacher expects that Hamilton will simply drive the Mercedes car again in that season.