Vettel lashes out at FIA: 'Time seems to stand still in Formula 1'

15-01-2022 12:21 | Updated: 15-01-2022 12:43
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Vettel lashes out at FIA: 'Time seems to stand still in Formula 1'

Sebastian Vettel has been around in Formula 1 for years, so he knows better than anyone that it is not always easy to bring about changes. Nevertheless, he hopes that the FIA will look more closely at the current rules.

The German has been driving an Aston Martin car since last season and put in a reasonable year. Behind the scenes he was not only busy with motor racing, but he was also extremely vocal with his opinions on human rights and other similar subject. He was critical of the FIA ​​on several occasions.

Vettel lashes out at the FIA

Vettel believes that Formula 1 must continue to develop and came to the conclusion that this is not happening enough yet. The driver hopes to achieve this with media attention. He himself is in any case open to adopting a different attitude, as he emphasised in an interview with Tages Anzeiger.

"I think I just got older. Even as a father, views and opinions change. You take responsibility and grow. In addition, I am naturally curious and open to other opinions," stated Vettel, who then was clear towards the FIA. "Time moves on, even if paradoxically in Formula 1 it seems to stand still."

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