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Hill responds again: 'F1 makes people happy because they get angry'

Hill responds again: 'F1 makes people happy because they get angry'

14 January - 17:35 Last update: 20:04

Damon Hill predicted it himself. The former Formula One driver posted a tweet on Thursday calling on fans of Lewis Hamilton to put the matter to rest. He added that he would get a lot of hateful comments over him though and that is indeed the case, according to a new tweet from the analyst.

The 61-year-old Briton is fed up with the bitter reactions from some Mercedes fans. Even Sky Sports, where Hill works as an analyst, is getting a lot of heat. This while the channel normally has the reputation of being somewhat biased towards Hamilton.

Hill got a lot of hate after tweet

Even there, however, nothing can be done in the eyes of some fans. Hill's first tweet could count on a lot of hateful reactions, as he himself predicted. "People are angry. They love being angry. So they are happy," he wrote in a new tweet.

In addition, Hill does not believe for a moment that people are done with Formula 1 because of the controversy in Abu Dhabi. "All the people who say they have lost faith in F1, they'll be back," he writes. "Because they love to be angry. Because they love to be angry. F1 makes people happy, because they get angry. Its a great paradox," said the 1996 world champion.

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