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Maserati on Formula 1 return: 'That question is not misplaced'

Maserati on Formula 1 return: 'That question is not misplaced'

14 January - 16:42 Last update: 17:11


Starting in 2023, Maserati will participate in Formula E. The brand's executive officer, Davide Grasso, also does not rule out a future return to Formula 1.

Maserati will enter Formula E as a new constructor. That means the brand will be competing in a 'single-seater' racing class for the first time in 66 years, but who knows, it might not stop there.

'Time will tell'

At the moment, a participation in F1 is not on the agenda, but in the future that could change. In conversation with Autobild Grasso is asked if Maserati could get involved in other racing classes. "You mean the other championship run by my friend Stefano Domenicali [Formula 1 president]? Time will tell", the top executive begins.

Maserati was active in F1 for several years. The team won the world championship with Juan Manuel Fangio. "The question is not misplaced, but it is not in the agenda at the moment", Grasso ends.

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