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Wolff on Hamilton: Indictment for F1 if best driver quits

Wolff on Hamilton: "Indictment for F1 if best driver quits"

13 January - 17:27 Last update: 13 January - 17:27

Lewis Hamilton's future in Formula 1 is still uncertain. According to rumors, the seven-time world champion will only tie the knot if the FIA investigation actually yields something and things are going to change. Toto Wolff hopes that Hamilton will simply take his seat in the Mercedes again next season.

Wolff states however that he has not yet heard from Hamilton what his plans are. It is possible that this will take some time, because the results of the FIA investigation will not be made public until March. Mercedes and Hamilton will undoubtedly be informed sooner, but not before February.

Will Hamilton return?

In an interview with Krone Wolff says the following about whether or not the British driver will return: "I really hope we will see him again. He is the most important part of our sport. It would be an indictment for the whole of Formula One if the best driver decided to quit because of outrageous decisions."

At Mercedes, they believe that crucial mistakes were made in the closing stages of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. According to Wolff, Hamilton was "untouchable" that particular December 12, but the FIA single-handedly prevented an eighth world title for the 37-year-old driver. Although Mercedes is still extremely upset about the way things went, they say they have now put their full focus on 2022.

Answers on the track

The 2022 regulations are being introduced in the premier class of motor racing and a false start could immediately be disastrous for the title chances. Mercedes plans to "give the right answers on the track". The season begins with a first week of testing in Barcelona. This is scheduled for February 23 to 25.

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