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Audi and Porsche still linked to McLaren and Red Bull Racing
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Audi and Porsche still linked to McLaren and Red Bull Racing

13 January - 08:43 Last update: 14:44


That the Volkswagen Group wants to enter Formula 1 from 2026 has been clear for some time, but in the run-up to the new regulations, more and more is becoming clear about the details of this project.

New path for Formula 1

The Volkswagen Group already joined meetings about the new engines starting in 2026, the biggest stumbling block (the MGU-H) is not in the concept for the new 2026 engine and Audi is said to have already sent a letter to F1 that it is happy to enter F1 under the current concept. Or in other words, it's only a matter of time before Volkswagen announces their entry.

As of 2026, there will be new rules for engine manufacturers in Formula 1. Honda's project showed how difficult it is to get into F1 as a new supplier and that is not good for the future of the sport. So it must become easier to build the engine and above all cheaper.

Porsche and Red Bull

With the disappearance of the MGU-H and a budget cap for engine manufacturers, there is a plan for this that just needs to be approved by the Motor Sport Council. If that is the case, the new engines are fixed and there is a good chance that Audi and Porsche will enter F1 on behalf of Volkswagen.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine, it is also already clear what the plans are for both teams. For example, Audi is heavily linked to McLaren (although this was previously denied by both parties in 2021) and Porsche would partner with Red Bull. The Austrian team is now building a factory to start developing its own engines, but expertise and financial support from Porsche will obviously not turn it down.

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