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Horner lashes out at Wolff: 'He's a different kind of animal'

Horner lashes out at Wolff: 'He's a different kind of animal'

12 January - 13:47 Last update: 15:48


The 2021 season is not only known as the year in which Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fought for the world title, but also in which Mercedes and Red Bull Racing were at odds. In conversation with Formule1.nl Christian Horner explains that this was due to the way Toto Wolff conducted himself.

Horner finally got it together as Red Bull's team boss last calendar year to fight for the world championship. However, both teams kept a sharp eye on each other, doing everything they could to throw each other off balance. However, this did not always go in a neat way, Horner stressed.

The Brit looks back at the earlier years with Sebastian Vettel, with whom he took the world title four times. At the time, Red Bull was fighting with Ferrari for the prizes and Stefano Domenicali was the team boss of the Italians. "The competition back then was of a different, let's say, men's level," says Horner, who saw it differently this season. "I think Toto plays it differently, he's a different kind of animal."

New title battle between Mercedes and Red Bull

Mercedes did manage to win the constructors' championship in 2021. Nevertheless, a sour aftertaste was left over from the championship. Next season Mercedes will start with George Russell and Hamilton in the cars, while Sergio Perez and Verstappen remained loyal to the Austrian racing stable.

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