'Ferrari opts for more aggressive nose and pull-rod front suspension'

11-01-2022 16:48 | Updated: 11-01-2022 19:49
by GPblog.com
'Ferrari opts for more aggressive nose and pull-rod front suspension'

Ferrari has been working on the car for 2022 for some time. Several parts have already been tested in the wind tunnel and simulator. The new car would go for a more aggressive nose design in the upcoming season.

With the introduction of the new regulations, teams will have the opportunity to design a strong car that may take them to the top of the grid. As such, most have started early on the developments for 2022.

According to sources from the Italian site Formu1a.uno the new Ferrari will have a more aggressive nose design, as the new cars produce less downforce. According to the engineers, the floor of the car, including the diffuser will make the difference.

Major change

The site has learned that the team in Maranello is switching from a push-rod front suspension to a pull-rod front suspension. A pull-rod means that the flow of the car is diverted to the bottom of the car. The advantages lie in the ability to lower the nose and place components closer to the floor. With a push-rod, this is the opposite.

The big advantage of the pull-rod is that it lowers the car's center of gravity, but it releases more forces on the upper suspension element. There are also rumors circulating that McLaren is going for this technology in 2022.

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