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Ecclestone shares his opinion: 'Vettel needs to be back at Red Bull'

Ecclestone shares his opinion: 'Vettel needs to be back at Red Bull'

10 January - 10:25 Last update: 12:45


Bernie Ecclestone thinks Sebastian Vettel should return to Red Bull Racing to prove how fast he still is. According to the Brit, people underestimate the driver's qualities because he is no longer driving a fast car.

The first season at Aston Martin is over for the German. It was not an easy year, but Vettel performed better compared to 2020. His last year at Ferrari was tough, with only a thirteenth place in the drivers' championship.

Ecclestone gets asked in conversation with Sport1.de when Vettel should retire. "When he feels like it." Vettel himself indicated in an interview that he has thought about quitting at times, but that he is still enjoying himself.

Vettel back to Red Bull?

From 2009 up until 2014, the 34-year-old driver drove at Red Bull, where he won four world titles. According to Ecclestone, fans forget how good Vettel actually is because he no longer has a fast car. The former F1 boss would like to see a return to his old team.

"He should not be told to retire. We forget how fast he is because he is not in a competitive car. It's not easy to say he's not as fast as he used to be. He needs to be back in Red Bull, actually", Ecclestone says.

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