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Hamilton's departure nears: 'He's not going to hang on until bitter end'

Hamilton's departure nears: 'He's not going to hang on until bitter end'

9 January - 08:56 Last update: 11:34


Lewis Hamilton was dealt a severe blow at last year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Brit lost the world title on the last lap of the race and it obviously hurt him. Hamilton is said to be in doubt behind the scenes whether he will continue. Martin Brundle, however, does not expect him to stop.

The Mercedes racing driver has no less than seven World Championships to his name, but suddenly had to deal with Max Verstappen last season. The Dutchman pulled out all the stops in his car and managed to beat Hamilton in the closing stages of the World Championship. Although Brundle does not think that Hamilton will leave the Formula 1 world already this year, he also does not think that the Brit will continue until he can no longer do so.

In an interview with Express: "My gut feeling is he'll stop a year early rather than a year late. He's not going to hang on until the bitter end for a few more dollars, or just to be a Formula 1 driver, and nor will he need to," argued Brundle, who doesn't expect Hamilton to quit in the next three years. "Why would he?"

Hamilton can grab record

Hamilton needs one more world title to take the record away from Michael Schumacher. Indeed, both men stand at seven World Championships. This coming season Hamilton will face competition from George Russell who comes over from Williams.

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