Column | The F1 teams poised to leap up the grid in 2022

Column | The F1 teams poised to leap up the grid in 2022

5 January - 09:00 Last update: 14:00

The 2022 season is set to host the biggest changes within recent F1 history, with brand new regulations coming into place in order to increase competition up and down the grid. With the cost cap, new generation of cars and aerodynamic testing restrictions, who will best meet the new challenge?


The American outfit suffered a miserable 2021 season. With their entire efforts and resources focused on the coming regulations, the team were resigned to fielding a vastly obsolete car (in comparison to the grid). With two rookies at the wheel, it was an even harder time, as both Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin struggled through the growing pains of adapting to Formula One. However, with new sponsorship from the Mazepin family in “Uralkali”, as well as a commitment by team owner Gene Haas, we should expect that the team are far more financially stable and ready to meet the limits of the cost cap. By hiring Ferrari’s old head designer, Simone Resta, and setting him as chief technical director to work alongside trackside engineering director Ayao Komatsu, the team have also bolstered their personnel in order to better develop the car through the coming seasons. With the focus set on the coming season in terms of R&D, many should expect a big step forward by the team for 2022. 


Alpine has been vocal about targeting the coming set of regulations for several years now and failure to improve will not be seen favourably by the French outfit’s higher-ups. After engaging in a major rebrand to further solidify the Alpine name as the racing branch of the Renault Group, as well as adjusting management staff through the removal of Cyril Abiteboul, promotion of Marcin Budkowski and drafting in of Davide Brivio, the entire corporation believes that they are ready in terms of personnel for the 2022 season. By bringing in Fernando Alonso and extending Esteban Ocon’s contract, the team have found a strong and multiskilled partnership to take the team forward. Keen to reverse the slump they have faced in the last three years, the team will be pushing with all their might to leap up the grid.


One of the most glorious names in motorsport which in recent times had fallen from grace, the iconic Maranello team will be desperate to use this opportunity to have the team fighting at the front once more. After the significant slump in 2020, Ferrari Chairman John Elkann immediately ruled out the possibility of winning races before the new regulations, extending a lifeline to the team so that they could rebuild and focus on the future, instead of getting embroiled in their desperation to restore their form. Removing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in order to bring in the ever-consistent Carlos Sainz has reaped dividends, with the Spaniard beating his teammate in the world driver’s championship for his maiden season with his team. With a rejuvenated lineup, renewed focus and massive opportunity to push forward from a major grid reset, the Italian marque will definitely be aiming once more for the top steps.

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