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What to expect from Alonso and 'El Plan' in 2022?

What to expect from Alonso and 'El Plan' in 2022?

03-01-2022 07:31 Last update: 08:58


What is Fernando Alonso up to? The Spaniard came up with 'El Plan' a few months ago, but doesn't elaborate on it for now. Is it a media stunt or does the Spaniard actually have a good plan to storm the F1 podiums in 2022?

Alonso's mysterious 'El Plan'

People first heard of 'El Plan' after qualifying for the Turkish GP, where the two-time world champion placed fifth on the grid. Speaking to the Spanish branch of streaming platform DAZN the Spaniard said: "El Plan, you have to wait a few more months to find out. For now, above all, you have to believe in El Plan."

The Spaniard's mysterious statement has taken on a life of its own, and now three months after it was made, it does not appear to have been a trivial statement. Especially on social media it has come to life and 'El Plan' seems to have been elevated to some kind of cult status. T-shirts have appeared with the words on them and during the last GP of 2021 in Abu Dhabi Alonso drove with the words 'El Plan' on his rear wing in free practice.

'El Plan' is Alpine's plan

It is generally thought that 'El Plan' symbolizes the step forward that his F1 team Alpine wants to take in 2022. The rules are going to change, and the team sees a golden opportunity. On Twitter, the team also often plays with their driver's statement. They screech: 'We trust El Plan!'

In the TV program One plus one equals three on Spanish TV, Alonso was a guest before Christmas and the plan was discussed. Initially, the F1 driver joked: "It's something from the social media channels now. They started it and I don't know what El Plan is either. I think part of 'El Plan' is that I don't know exactly what 'El Plan' is."

The Spaniard ends on a more serious note, stressing that normally technology and the car change little from year to year: "But every five, six or seven years there is a revolution and in the next year there are big changes." Alonso's intentions, by the way, are clear. After his comeback, he is still combative and not driving to finish in midfield. The hunger for podiums is far from satisfied, and 'El Plan' might be a little more serious than Alonso makes it seem.

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