Adrian Newey's bike accident was life-threatening

27-12-2021 07:29 | Updated: 27-12-2021 09:01
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Adrian Newey's bike accident was life-threatening

Earlier this year Adrian Newey, designer of the winning RB16B, had a cycling accident during the summer break of the Formula 1 season. The Brit had to undergo surgery and luckily came out of it well. His wife now tells more about the seriousness of the accident.

Over Christmas, Newey celebrated his birthday. Wife Amanda reveals more about the accident on social media. The incident was life-threatening and resulted in multiple skull fractures.

Newey had to work remotely during race weekends after the summer break. In honor of Newey's 63rd birthday, his wife says it felt extra special. The designer himself has no social media, which according to his wife is very wise.

'Almost lost love of my life'

"August, I came close to losing the love of my life after his cycling accident. Multiple skull fractures - to then sitting on a virtual pit wall of the Dutch Grand within ten days of his craniotomy displays his strength and drive," she writes on Instagram.

Max Verstappen eventually became world champion in the Newey-designed Red Bull. It's a great achievement that the Brit can add to his ten constructor championships. He has also helped several drivers to a world title.

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