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F1 teams already take first steps towards new season

F1 teams already take first steps towards new season

23-12-2021 18:50 Last update: 22:02


The 2021 Formula One season has been over for almost two weeks now, so the teams can fully focus on next year. There will be a lot of changes due to the new regulations, so it will be busy during the winter break. Haas seem to be well on its way.

All new F1 cars must undergo a crash test before the start of the season, as that test is mandatory from the FIA to ensure that the new cars are safe.

Haas has been focusing on 2022 for some time now

The Haas team has already taken the first step towards the next season as their new car has passed the first crash test. During the 2021 season the team did not further develop their car in order to focus on the new regulations for 2022.

The first official test week will take place in Barcelona at the end of February, followed by a second test week in Bahrain in March. The teams will try to develop their cars as far as possible so that all new parts can be tested before the start of the new season.

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