Here are the impressive statistics from Verstappen's championship year

21-12-2021 12:35
Here are the impressive statistics from Verstappen's championship year

Max Verstappen is the first Dutchman to win the world championship in Formula 1. That statistic in itself is of course a great achievement, but it is certainly not the only one of this season. GPblog lists the impressive figures of Verstappen's championship year.

Leading laps

In total, Verstappen has driven a whopping 652 laps in the lead in 2021. This statistic is even more impressive when compared to the other drivers. It is more than the rest of the grid put together. Verstapen's laps in the lead accounted for 50.3 percent of the total in 2021. In doing so, he once again beat rival Lewis Hamilton, who only completed 297 laps in the lead. Verstappen thus achieved more than double.

Record number of podiums

The record for the most podiums in a season was previously held by Michael Schumacher with 17 podiums. Both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton reached this number in previous seasons, but Verstappen has now set a new record. With 18 podiums, he has beaten Schumacher's record. The German world champion achieved his record in a season with only 17 races, so he had a score of 100% percent. Perhaps that will be Verstappen's next challenge.

Fastest pit stops

Red Bull Racing was the big winner with the fastest pit stops this season. In total, the team achieved the fastest pit stop 13 times, 11 of which were with Verstappen's car. The remaining two were for teammate Sergio Perez. The fastest time was set in Hungary with 1.88 seconds, but in the second half of the season this could not be beaten due to the new pit stop rules.

Most wins and pole positions

Another statistic where Verstappen beats his rival Hamilton. The Dutchman has achieved ten victories and ten pole positions in 2021. The British driver has eight wins and five poles. Because of Verstappen's retirements Hamilton could still come close in the final phase of the season in terms of points.

Youngest driver with a Grand Slam

During the Austrian Grand Prix, the Limburger set a great performance as well. He became the youngest driver with a Grand Slam to his name. In Formula 1 a Grand Slam means that a driver takes the pole position, the fastest lap during the race and that he drove every lap of the race in the lead.

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