Radio to Masi questioned: 'Sound like he has been pressured by Red Bull'

12-12-2021 18:11
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Radio to Masi questioned: 'Sound like he has been pressured by Red Bull'

During most of the F1 season, communications between teams and the FIA have been broadcast to the public. The controversial radio moments at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix were also broadcast to the public, but the discussions as a whole are under fire. 


FIA race director initially said he wouldn't allow the lapped cars to overtake, but this decision was changed when the option of resuming the race with one lap remaining became available. However, only the cars in between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton moved ahead. 

The broadcast of the FIA radio demonstrated that Red Bull team boss Christian Horner had questioned his actions. Damon Hill suggests it sounds like Masi has been influenced by Horner. 

"We have to factor in the communications that have been broadcast between the teams and the race director Michael Masi. It makes it sound like he has been pressured by Red Bull to do stuff. It's been an important element this season, and may even have influenced the outcome of the world championship," Hill said in a conversation on Sky Sports. 

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg wants to see the broadcasts of the radio removed. "Here Christan coming on the radio to the referee saying 'we need one more lap of racing' that's not ideal. We need to get rid of that for next year. Maybe they shouldn't even be speaking to the referee at all. It doesn't happen in football. You can't have the manager calling the referee. There needs to be a proper framework where we keep things understood," Rosberg said. 

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