BREAKING | Mercedes launch protest to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result

12-12-2021 15:38 | Updated: 12-12-2021 16:01
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BREAKING | Mercedes launch protest to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result

It is official. Mercedes is protesting the FIA ​​against the final result and with it Max Verstappen's world title. The world constructors' champion is going to file two cases against the decision of the international motorsport association in the closing phase of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Mercedes invokes two articles of the sporting regulations, as can be seen from the two documents below from the FIA.

Mercedes protests against two cases

Firstly, the team disagrees that only a few lapped cars were allowed to overtake under the safety car. This gave Max Verstappen an advantage, bringing him right behind Lewis Hamilton's car for the restart. According to the team, the safety car came in one lap too early.

In addition, according to Mercedes, Verstappen would have overtaken his rival behind the safety car. Officially, a driver is not allowed to overtake until the safety car has reached a precise point. Verstappen is currently in the press conference and will have to report to the stewards. Hamilton is already missing from the press conference due to his visit to the stewards.

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