FIA warns: 'May take away points in case of unsporting behaviour'.

09-12-2021 10:05 | Updated: 09-12-2021 11:19
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FIA warns: 'May take away points in case of unsporting behaviour'.

It is the scenario everyone is talking about. What if Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crash into each other and the Dutchman becomes world champion? Race director Michael Masi anticipates this and warns the two rivals. In case of unsporting behaviour the FIA can take away points.

Verstappen and Hamilton warned

Before every Grand Prix weekend FIA race director Michael Masi issues event notes. This is also the case for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but these notes are very special. Masi seems to warn Verstappen and Hamilton for the consequences of unsporting behaviour by one of the two drivers.

In the event notes, two articles from the FIA's International Sporting Code are highlighted, quote The Telegraph. The first is article 12.2.1.I which states that unsportsmanlike conduct or an attempt to influence the result in an unethical manner is a breach of the regulations. The second article is 12.4.5, which states that the stewards have the power to deprive a driver of points.

No repetition Villeneuve/Schumacher

If it would happen that points would be taken away from Verstappen or Hamilton, it would not be the first time. In 1997 Michael Schumacher had all his points taken away after he made an unsuccessful attempt to drive title rival Jacques Villeneuve off the track during the last Grand Prix of 1997 at Jerez. Let's hope it doesn't come to that in Abu Dhabi.

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