Schumacher: 'Verstappen violated rule number one in motorsport in Jeddah'

08-12-2021 20:15
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Schumacher: 'Verstappen violated rule number one in motorsport in Jeddah'

Max Verstappen remains the talk of the day in the United Kingdom. Sky Sports pundits are pretty unanimous in their comments: Verstappen drove on and sometimes over the limit in Saudi Arabia. A small detail is that the pundits all have British nationality, just like Lewis Hamilton. Now German Ralf Schumacher has joined the ranks of critics.


Former F1 driver Schumacher believes Verstappen was 'dangerous' in Saudi Arabia and 'made a mistake'. In doing so, Michael's brother refers to several incidents, focusing on the action where Verstappen allegedly gave Hamilton a break test. " Both of them wanted to have the DRS," Schumacher told Sky Sports. "The only problem was that Max brake-tested him and I must say that that is not only dangerous, but it's not fair. It can be dangerous for marshals, for everybody. Rule number one in motorsport is that you shouldn't do it."

Schumacher thinks there is a role for Red Bull to play in getting Verstappen back in line. ""I love Max's driving style, and I like him as a person as well, he's young, he's pushing. But he definitely made a mistake, he pushed too hard the whole race and now it's done Red Bull to get him back and explain what the limits should be."

Criticism of Masi

According to the German, there were many losers in Saudi Arabia."Because I think as well Red Bull lost control. The other loser for me is the FIA, Michael Masi is a great guy and I know he's under pressure, but for me he has to be more clear." 

Next weekend in Abu Dhabi will see the denouement of the season. "First of all, I hope there's no crash because in theory, Max could crash with Lewis and still be a champion because he has one victory more in his pocket," added Schumacher. "Red Bull might feel a bit better in this track, but the race performance is a problem. Mercedes is much stronger than Red Bull on the longer runs and seemed to look after the tyre better. It's in Lewis' hand I would say. Both deserve it, both are amazing drivers and we'll be talking about this championship for ages."

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