Hamilton a pure driver? Horner doesn't think so.

08-12-2021 11:52
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton a pure driver? Horner doesn't think so.

According to Mercedes, the unsportsmanlike way Max Verstappen drives came to light again in Saudi Arabia. Red Bull Racing were then openly annoyed about the way Verstappen is characterized: as a driver who goes over the limit too often. Team boss Christian Horner has his own opinion.


Lewis Hamilton has already said he does not want to use Verstappen's tactics. Autosport.com Asked Horner if Verstappen is the only one willing to risk contact. " I would ask you to look at Lewis going into the last corner, he pushed Max away in the same way," Horner responded. "Any driver who has been in a kart or raced in any category knows that's hard racing. That's how these kids have raced their whole career."

So as black and white as Hamilton compares his style to Verstappen's, it's not like that according to Horner. "Lewis is very cunning in the way he does it sometimes. Just look at the last corner when he pushed Max wide there, and there was another corner as well, where he opened the wheel - I think it was in Turn 1 as well. These are two guys fighting for such fine margins and pushing each other to the limit. And if you don't want them to have the opportunity to go wide, put a gravel pit there."


Horner is not too worried about that situation, however, and says the focus will simply be on finishing in front with Red Bull and winning the title. "Whoever finishes in front is the world champion, so let's wait and see. We have one shot at it. We have to try and beat Lewis one more time this year. They have the performance advantage at the moment. They will be very, very competitive in Abu Dhabi."

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