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Norris angry about rule that helped Verstappen: 'It's unfair'

Norris angry about rule that helped Verstappen: 'It's unfair'

07-12-2021 08:18


Lando Norris was, to say the least, unhappy about the fact that drivers were able to change tyres for free again during the red flag. The Brit lost a lot of ground as a result and it wasn't the first time.

Norris started the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in seventh place on the soft tyre, but was one of the first to come in on the red. The Briton did so during the safety car, but then saw his competitors change during the red flag that followed. As a result, Norris dropped back and finished tenth.

Irritation by the red flag

''It has happened to me a couple of times now. Last year at Monza, at Mugello and now again. I am always unlucky in that case and I feel it affects me more than others. It's an unfair rule that they have to abolish'', the McLaren driver said to Motorsport.com.

''They should make it a mandatory pit stop, where you have to use two different compounds. That's acceptable because, to be honest, everything is getting messed up now. You do so much for it and then a stupid rule like that takes it away.''

Bad luck for Norris

While Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of the rule and moved up to fifth place, Norris had to make do with tenth. After his second place in Italy, Norris finished no higher than seventh and this was already his third tenth place in the last four races. As a result, he sees Charles Leclerc pass him in the championship.

''I brought it up when it happened to me the first time and again the second time. I can say what I want or how I see it, but unfortunately I don't make the rules. I get that it's wonderful for the television audience. So if this is the goal and they attract more viewers with it, then they should obviously keep the rule'', concludes an irritated Norris.

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