Verstappen not understood: ''He should not do that''

07-12-2021 06:46 | Updated: 07-12-2021 09:55
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Verstappen not understood: ''He should not do that''

According to Mathias Lauda the extra penalty of ten seconds for Max Verstappen was unjustified, but the son of the legendary Niki Lauda is of the opinion that Verstappen should be less busy with Lewis Hamilton.

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix there was a spectacular duel between Hamilton and Verstappen, in which the two eventually hit each other. According to Lauda a penalty for Verstappen was not necessary, because both drivers were clearly playing with each other.

Penalty for Verstappen

''We could have saved a penalty here, because he (Max) would have stayed second anyway. I don't think it was correct what Max did, because you don't brake in that spot, that's not okay. However, Hamilton was also able to pass earlier, but he didn't know what Max was doing. It was a game of cat and mouse, so there was no need for a penalty,'' Lauda said according to

At the first restart Verstappen complained that Hamilton was staying too far behind him, but according to Lauda that was unnecessary. ''With a safety car there is that rule, but it was a normal start so then you can do what Lewis did. I don't understand Max. He looks too much in his rear-view mirror at Hamilton. He shouldn't do that, because it makes you nervous,'' Lauda concludes.

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