Red Bull Racing does beat Mercedes in pit stops

06-12-2021 13:12 | Updated: 06-12-2021 13:20
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Red Bull Racing does beat Mercedes in pit stops

Red Bull Racing has once again managed to set the fastest pit stop. The Austrian team needed only 2.2 seconds to change the tyres of Sergio Perez's car during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Christian Horner's team is known for having a specialist team to change the tyres. At 2.2 seconds, it was well ahead of the competition. Whereas Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso had to wait 2.48 seconds until they were allowed to drive away, it was 2.49 seconds for Lewis Hamilton.

It gave Perez and Leclerc a certain advantage, but they lost it quickly. Both drivers collided on the track and were unable to avoid being sidelined for the remainder of the race. Alonso and Hamilton stayed on the track.

Verstappen changes during red flags

Verstappen did not have to make a single pit stop in Saudi Arabia. The Dutchman let his team change his tyres during the two red flags, which gave him an advantage over Hamilton. The Briton had his tyres changed just before the first red flag. Nevertheless, the seven-times world champion took the victory.

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