Honda looks to FIA: 'This should be punished'

06-12-2021 11:06 | Updated: 06-12-2021 11:11
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Honda looks to FIA: 'This should be punished'

Lewis Hamilton has regained the lead in the world championship thanks to his victory in Saudi Arabia. Honda is confident that Verstappen can win the world title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Hamilton fought for every millimetre on the Saudi Arabia circuit. It caused impressive overtaking and even a collision between the two drivers. The Japanese engine supplier also saw something interesting happen between Valtteri Bottas and Hamilton.

"If you look at it objectively and take into account that this is the first time this track has been driven, you can say that Bottas left a lot of space to Lewis during the first safety car," Masashi Yamamoto said in conversation with "I think that kind of thing should also be discussed and possibly punished."

Honda keeps faith in Verstappen

Honda Motorsport's managing director admitted he was disappointed with the result. "For me personally, it was a very frustrating race, but we are equal and Max is still a bit ahead in terms of his wins. I'm sure we will be on the podium again next race. We will give it our all so we can't blame ourselves."

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