Lammers: "Verstappen has to give 102 percent, otherwise won't get anywhere"

06-12-2021 07:04
Lammers: Verstappen has to give 102 percent, otherwise won't get anywhere

Jan Lammers saw a lot of communication go wrong in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, not only with the FIA but also with Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. The former Formula 1 driver is disappointed that Max Verstappen didn't take the win, but says Lewis Hamilton was the deserved winner.

"Max was of course aggressive, he had to be, but I think at the end of the day we have to conclude: it is what it is," Lammers said in his analysis for the NOS."It seems very clear ... Mercedes was the better combination with Hamilton in the race."

Miscommunication Red Bull

The stewards played a key role on the Jeddah circuit. "If you ask yourself which of Max's moments was questionable and which of Hamilton's was questionable, you'll find some of Max's moments were punished. He gave that one place back, which he should not have done, because he had miscommunication with the team. It was just a very messy race", said Lammers, who at the time of his review at the television station was not yet aware of Verstappen's ten second time penalty for the braking incident.

The sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix also discusses moments of the Mercedes drivers that were on (or maybe just over) the edge. "Here and there some mistakes were made and some things were penalised. A number of [moments], whether Hamilton or whatever, they got away with. Those were things in the margin, where Bottas for example drove slowly towards the pit lane to hold Max up or Hamilton who kept a very close distance to disadvantage Max a bit."

Verstappen gives everything

Lammers reiterates that it is understandable that Verstappen is driving so aggressively."Of course Max has slightly less material, he has to give 102 percent everywhere. Otherwise you won't make it and you're in the danger zone, then you can make mistakes. Max is not going to get there by being the best boy on the grid, because then he will be an honourable second. He's just trying to become champion, and the fact that he's trying to do it this way is a beautiful thing," he concluded.

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