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Chaos in Formula 2: Crash causes red flag after just a few turns

Chaos in Formula 2: Crash causes red flag after just a few turns

05-12-2021 15:30


The main race of Formula 2 made an immediate false start. At the start, there was a heavy crash between Enzo Fittipaldi and Theo Pourchaire, which brought the race to a halt just moments after the start.

Heavy crash at start of Formula 2 race

Pourchaire's ART stalled on the grid and Fittipaldi hit the car hard from behind. A red flag was soon shown and the rest of the field returned to the pits. It is not yet clear how the drivers are doing. The medical car was quickly at the scene, but there is no live footage of what is happening there at the moment.

The day already started strangely for Formula 2. There was confusion before the start, which was postponed due to track repairs following a crash in the Porsche class. This was followed by a message that the session would be interrupted, but it turned out that this was only for the start procedure. A few moments after that message, the drivers went out on track for their formation lap.

Update | Pourchaire seems to be okay, Fittipaldi to hospital

Pourchaire seems to be okay, according to the circumstances. He gave a thumbs-up when he was put in the ambulance, drawing loud applause from the crowd. Fittipaldi is being transported to hospital by helicopter. He gave a sign of life and is conscious, but it is not yet clear how he is doing.

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