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Marko does not blame Verstappen: He always risks everything

Marko does not blame Verstappen: "He always risks everything"

04-12-2021 18:28


Max Verstappen was very close to a pole position in Saudi Arabia, but it did not happen. The Dutchman hit the wall in turn 27, but according to Helmut Marko the damage is not serious.

Possible penalty for Verstappen no disaster

Marko seems hopeful when he sees the replay of the crash at Sky Deutschland. "That was with the rear wheel after all," the Austrian reveals. Marko also says that a gearbox penalty will not be the end of the world.

Marko isn't pleased, but he blames nothing on Verstappen. "We were four-tenths ahead, then the left front wheel blocked and it just didn't come out. It's a pity, but that can happen. Maybe the engineers could have told him, 'Hello, you're four-tenths ahead, you don't need to risk anything more.' But that's Max too. He always risks everything."

Hamilton on pole

Due to Verstappen's crash, it is Lewis Hamilton who has grabbed the pole position. The Briton can enjoy back support from teammate Valtteri Bottas on P2. Verstappen himself can be found on the third starting spot.

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