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Jos Verstappen disappointed in Wolff: 'That's how you get to know people'

Jos Verstappen disappointed in Wolff: 'That's how you get to know people'

04-12-2021 11:43 Last update: 12:38


A friendship with Toto Wolff is probably not an option for Jos Verstappen anymore. According to the Dutchman, the true nature of Wolff has revealed itself this year. Jos does emphasise that he has a good relationship with Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

The management of Verstappen has had some talks with Mercedes, but in an interview with Dutch newspaper The Limburger Jos explains that the relationship with team boss Wolff is not like it used to be. "There have been talks with Toto Wolff at times and I also thought we had a good relationship with him, but the true Toto has shown himself lately. There is no click anymore."

Verstappen is then asked if Wolff is a bad loser. "You could say it like that, yes. Mercedes was leading for years, of course. Now they are cornered for the first time and you see a different Toto. A pity, but that's how you get to know people."

Good relationship with Marko

On the other hand, Verstappen has a good relationship with Marko. There is, therefore, no reason for him and his son to move to another team. "With him all three of us - Max, Raymond [manager] and me - have a perfect click. No bullshit, straightforward. Character-wise, we are very similar."

"It's tough sometimes and we tell each other the truth. But Formula 1 is rock hard. Just try to hold your own in this world, no matter what field you're in. We know what we want. And if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit and vague talk is useless. But that's out of the question", Verstappen says.

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