Red Bull's cunning: 'They had to factor that irritating second driver'

04-12-2021 07:17 | Updated: 04-12-2021 09:09
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Red Bull's cunning: 'They had to factor that irritating second driver'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are feeling the pressure in the final stages of the season. However, it is not just the pressure on the shoulders of these two drivers that is increasing, as expectations of Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas are also rising. Damon Hill is more enthusiastic about the efforts of the Mexican.

The former world champion has seen Red Bull Racing and Mercedes try to use their second driver in the battle for the world title on several occasions this season. That didn't always work out, however, as Perez and Bottas simply couldn't handle the high level of their teammate.

Hill believes this is nothing to be ashamed of, as Hamilton and Verstappen are proving to be of a completely different category this season. "If you compare the number one and number two, I know they're not officially first and second drivers but obviously they are, Lewis and Max are just so incredibly good. That marks the talent that those two have," he stated in an interview with

Red Bull chooses smarter strategy than Mercedes

For now, according to Hill, Red Bull is making a better impression with the use of the second driver. "Especially in Austin, Sergio could really influence Mercedes' strategy. He was there, so Mercedes couldn't do what they would want to do on an empty track. They had to factor that irritating second driver into their considerations. He could go longer and make life difficult for them. But also Valtteri has done that well this year."

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