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Special comparison: 'Silverstone with concrete walls on both sides'

Special comparison: 'Silverstone with concrete walls on both sides'

03-12-2021 19:19


Oscar Piastri in impressed by the circuit of Saudi Arabia. During the first day of the race he got a lot of adrenaline from the fast corners, although he said in conversation with Motorsport.com also noted that it can be dangerous when something goes wrong.

The Formula 2 driver found it difficult to make a comparison with other tracks, but made an attempt. "My closest description for it is basically Silverstone with concrete walls on either side," he explained. "It is pretty nuts and to be honest I was surprised we didn’t have any yellow or red flags in qualifying, so that was nice."

Circuit hazards in Saudi Arabia

During Formula One's second free practice session, that red flag did show. Charles Leclerc lost control in Turn 22 and crashed into the wall. Little was left of his car, but the driver is doing well after the circumstances.

Despite the risks, Piastri enjoys the track he can compete on this weekend. "It is a very unique circuit and it is not something we have seen before. It adds in a bit of fear factor when you have walls on either side. That is the only way I can describe it."

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