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Verstappen gives clear statement: 'I don't believe in that at all'

Verstappen gives clear statement: 'I don't believe in that at all'

02-12-2021 19:57 Last update: 22:24


Max Verstappen still has two important Grands Prix to go this season. Next Sunday the Dutchman will know whether he can take the top prize. During the press conference prior to the Saudi Arabia GP the Red Bull Racing driver remained relaxed.

It is difficult to say in advance what the chances are of Mercedes and Red Bull on the Saudi Arabia circuit. The track has only just been completed, so the teams still have to work on the cars. Verstappen took a good look at the track but finds it difficult to predict his chances for the weekend.

"That first sector is indeed important, then you have to have a good flow," he tells De Telegraaf. "All in all it's quite a flowing circuit. Now we have to wait and see what the grip level actually is, because that does change the dynamics a bit. And on a street circuit more can happen than on normal tracks anyway."

Verstappen keeps expectations to himself

Although he now has a good idea of what the circuit looks like, he is not yet venturing into predictions. "In the end the outcome depends on so many factors, that's why you can't say much on Thursday. I don't believe in momentum at all.

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